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Register for this exciting category and your team will receive a series of five packages given at different times. Each package contains criteria that you must incorporate in your routine. Use the criteria to develop the best routine On The Floor! Be creative, take the challenge, and have fun with your team. It’s not about age or level – it’s about creativity, concept, and teamwork. How many ways can you decipher it? Are you up for the challenge?

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The Criteria







Our judges will be marking how well you decipher the elements with a score out of 100 – broken down into performance (60%), technique & execution (20%), and use of supplied criteria (20%). If there are three participants in the category, the Top 1 will be announced. If there are four participants in the category, the Top 2 will be announced. If there are five or more participants in the category, the Top 3 will be announced. Not eligible for overalls.


Upon registration, your team will receive a series of packages with the following criteria: artist, prop, style, costume, and wildcard. It is how you decipher those elements that will gain you the top spot! More detailed information will be provided with each of your criteria packages.

  • No age and style restrictions
  • A minimum of four dancers required per routine
  • A three-minute maximum time limit – all performances exceeding the maximum time will be deducted one point for every five seconds over
  • All standard rules regarding age appropriate music, costuming, and choreography apply

Grand Prize

What’s a challenge without some added incentive? If your routine is chosen as the winner, not only will your studio receive top bragging rights, but also a $500 cash prize to be used in any way you see fit. Grand prize contest will be held after all competitions have wrapped up. Top routines from each comp will go head to head in an online video contest, where a combination of viewer’s votes and judge’s marks will determine the winner! The top individual(s) from each competition location will compete in our online summer contest. Minimum entries are required in order to run the summer contest.


Our registration process is easy. Add your Decipher entry just like you would any other entry through DanceBUG. Want to enter more than one group? No problem. You can have multiple entries in the Decipher category. Keep in mind, the criteria will be the same for all.

On The Floor reserves the right to make any necessary changes.

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