At On The Floor (OTF), we are all about promoting a fun, friendly, and safe environment. In order to run a fair competition, we ask that every participant abide by the same rules. Also to show good sportsmanship, we ask that others attending the competition respect the rules and follow proper theatre etiquette.


Every entry must follow the number of dancers per category outline.

  • Solo (1 dancer)
  • Duet/Trio (2 – 3 dancers)
  • Small Group (4 – 9 dancers)
  • Large Group (10 – 16 dancers)
  • Line (17 – 20 dancers)
  • Extended Line (21 + dancers)
  • Production (25 + dancers)

Productions consist of 25 or more dancers incorporating any dance style while portraying a theme or story line. This routine can include acrobatics and the use of props.


Every entry must follow the time limits per outline.

  • Solo/Duet/Trio (3:00 mins max)
  • Small Group (3:30 mins max)
  • Large Group (3:30 mins max)
  • Line (3:30 mins max)
  • Extended Line (4:00 mins max)
  • Production (12:00 mins max)

All performances exceeding the maximum time outlines that have not been approved by OTF will be deducted one point for every five seconds over the time limit of a routine. Prior to the performance, extended time may be requested for a fee – please speak with an OTF Director to make your request. Please make sure all music is edited exactly from beginning to end to avoid any confusion.

All music must be uploaded to your Dancebug account. We must have the music up to three weeks before your event weekend. There will be an administration fee applied to your account if the music is uploaded late.

OTF is a family-friendly competition and the choice of music is very important, along with age-appropriate choreography and costuming. Any performance that includes music with explicit words, or referring to violence and/or other inappropriate content as determined by OTF and/or judges will be adjudicated, but will not be given awards or overalls (and will not be included in our virtual airing of the event in the case of a virtual event). Please make sure your music is clean to avoid any possibility of disqualification.


Every entry must follow the proper age division per the following outline.

  • Division 1 (8 and under)
  • Division 2 (9 – 11 years of age)
  • Division 3 (12 – 14 years of age)
  • Division 4 (15 – 18 years of age)
  • Division 5 (19 + and professional 19 +)

* please note that Division 5 is not eligible for overalls

OTF’s age divisions are determined by calculating the average age of the performers as of January 1 of the competing year. To determine the average age, add all the performers’ ages together and divide by the number of performers in the routine. Always drop the decimal point. For example if you reach an average age of 12.8, the decimal would drop and the age division would therefore be Division 3. OTF does not allow the average age to drop more than one age division below the average age of the oldest performer in the routine, regardless of the actual average age. For example, if a routine consists of performers ranging in ages from 9 to 17, the routine may not compete in a division younger than Division 3, which is one age division younger than the oldest dancer of 17. OTF requires that all the names and ages of the performers appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted. All performers should be prepared to provide identification and proof of age at the competition if requested.


  • Novice Soloist – first time competing a solo and can still compete in pre-competitive or competitive group, line, duo/trio, etc.
  • Novice Duo/Trio – all dancers must be first-time competitors
  • Novice Group – all dancers must be first-time competitors
  • Pre-Competitive – dancers who train less than 6 hours per week (all group routines must consist of 100% pre-competitive dancers)
  • Competitive – dancers who train more than 6 hours per week (group routines can have pre-competitive or novice dancers included)
  • Adult – a recreational/amateur dancer over the age of 19 (adult groups must consist of over 75% adult)
  • Professional – a dancer over the age of 19 who dances over 6 hours per week

* any duet/trio with performers who are a mix of novice, pre-competitive, and/or competitive dancers must dance in the higher category

Additional Information

Choreographers, teachers, directors, students, and parents automatically grant permission to On The Floor and its directors to use, without any compensation whatsoever, their photos and videos for publicity and promotional purposes, including but not limited to ads, television, videotaping and broadcasting, social media, web, or print.

Pre-Competitive, Novice, and Division 1 who do not complete their routine will have the chance to re-dance. Dancers will still receive an award according to their score. Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, and Division 5 dancers who ​do not complete their routine or choose to re-dance will only be eligible for placement in the category or overalls at the Judges and/or competition Director’s discretion. All dancers who experience technical difficulties can re-dance with no penalties.
* OTF reserves the right to make changes

Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be additional, as yet unconfirmed, restrictions on props for this year’s events. We will inform studios of any additional restrictions as and when Government policies and guidelines are updated. No dangerous props to be used on stage, such as fire, swords, or knives. No props over 9ft in height. No weapons of any sort. OTF has the right to reserve the use of specific props according to the venue’s guidelines and restrictions.

Balloons must be on a weight and preferably made of mylar. If balloons are released inside the venue, charges will be incurred which will be the responsibility of the studio.

OTF asks that studios help maintain a clear backstage area. Studio directors and teachers are permitted at all times. Students may wait backstage up to three numbers before their performance. We ask that all studios respect one another. OTF does not permit any negativity or booing towards any performers.

Changes to these reminders and policies may be required due to COVID-19 and venue regulations at the time of the event. OTF will inform you of all important changes and updates. Please ensure you check your studio portal, our website, and our Instagram for the very latest updates.

Each competitor may only compete for one studio. Competitors may not compete against themselves. On The Floor (OTF) reserves the right to add or subtract days to the event, depending on the number of registered entries. OTF reserves the right to determine the amount of all monetary awards based on registration, at its discretion. Videotaping and photography by spectators are prohibited at any OTF event inside of the venue / theatre. Adult categories will not be eligible for an overall award. Soloists will be separated into heats on the occasion that 12 or more soloists fall into one particular category. OTF will not be held responsible for injuries, damage, or lost or stolen property over the duration of any OTF event. Birth certificates are not required, however if there is a discrepancy one will need to be provided by the end of the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for that specific entry. Performances are videotaped for judges’ critiques as well as sales and advertising purposes. OTF reserves the right to use photographs and videos of dancers taken at the venue for promotional purposes. It is the studio director’s responsibility to ensure that each of their dancers have submitted the required waiver to OTF prior to the competition. A new waiver is required per dancer each year. In order to accommodate larger props, participants must make note of them on the registration form along with set up times. All marks are final. Awards are based on scores and not on placement in a category, therefore there could be several medals handed out in the same age category. Judges will break any ties. Any changes that need to be made must be made 30 days prior to the competition start date. All changes must be in writing and approved by OTF. If a contestant wishes to change their scheduled performance they must do so before the category competes or they will not be placed in their category and given an overall award. In the event that enough dancers are missing from a routine to change the division of the category, studios must notify OTF prior to the category. Tap sounds on soundtracks of tap entries will result in a five point deduction. Any studio, dancer, or parent that abuses the designated dressing area will be disqualified. All participants are responsible for cleaning their area and properly disposing of all garbage. Competitors should be ready to perform one hour before their scheduled time, in case competition is running ahead of schedule. All monetary prizes and OTF gift cards are awarded to the studio only. Independent entries are permitted and eligible for overalls. Improv, Decipher, and Hidden Talent categories will not be eligible for an overall. Three points will be deducted per acro trick over the amount allowed in the category.

* OTF reserves the right in its sole and unfettered discretion to make changes to the foregoing

If an OTF event is postponed, cancelled, or otherwise cannot be held for any reason whatsoever, subscribing studios will receive full credit towards another OTF event. No refunds will be issued for any reason.